Should You Take Your Dog Travelling Australia

May 21, 2018

Are you thinking about travelling Australia? Maybe you want to head out on a weekend getaway or take a short trip up the coast. Or maybe, you’re even planning a big lap adventure around the country. But there’s one daunting question sitting in the back of your mind, should I take the dog? I’d like to tell you YES do it! But this is a very personal decision that will impact the way you travel. Only you can make the choice if you and your dog are suited to travelling long distances together.

camping with dogs new south whales

The first and most important thing to consider is your dog. Does it travel well? Is it suited for a life on the road? If not, are you willing to put in some time and effort to make it more accustomed to this lifestyle? Not all dogs are comfortable in new places or with long car rides.

travelling Australia with dogs in cars

Consider some of the challenges and inconveniences you’ll face as a pet friendly traveller. Will it bother you or hinder your trip if

  • you can’t stay in certain campsites or caravan parks?
  • you need to skip visiting some National Parks or beaches?
  • you need to plan out how you’ll tackle everyday tasks like grocery shopping, if your dog is with you?
  • you need to leave your dog with pet service providers to take part in some of the local attractions?
  • you need to rearrange parts of your trip because of your dog?

If you look at these things as manageable compromises, you should have no problem travelling with your dog.

sitting next to dog on sand dune overlooking sunset at ocean

While there are ways around some of these challenges, it’s an unavoidable fact that there are simply some places you cannot go when you have a dog with you. In some cases, the solutions are simple. If you’re travelling with someone else, take turns doing the grocery run. Want to head into a National Park or out on an all day attraction and don’t want to leave your dog alone? Consider using one of the many services out there like MadPaws or Pawshake to find a local doggy sitter.

sitting next to the fire with dog sharing stories

More than likely if you’re reading this, your pet is a huge part of your family. So these compromises are nothing when considering the many benefits and perks to traveling with a pet.

  1. They are a good ice breaker with other travellers
  2. They bring you security, sounding the alarm when they suspect an intruder. Particularly helpful during the night while your sleeping!
  3. They offer great company, especially for anyone who may be travelling alone
  4. They provide you with heaps of free entertainment! Particularly when you get two silly pups playing together
  5. They keep you active                                                            
  6. You can save money by having your dog with you instead of in a kennel while travelling for an extended period of time

dog standing next to tent

Without hesitation I would say travelling Australia with a dog makes life on the road infinitely more rewarding. Just try to stay flexible and mindful of your choices. And don’t forget to be a responsible pet owner while out there. Keeping your dog on the leash when it’s meant to be and picking up after them. While many approach the idea of travelling the country with their furry friend with apprehension, remember it can be done. There are many people out there travelling and exploring this beautiful country with their dogs at their side, they’re having a ball 😉

walking the dog in the sugar pines forest

Still need some inspiration?

Come and join our growing community of like minded dog lovers on facebook, where I’m sure you’ll get an idea or two for places to visit with your own dog.

And be sure to follow Travel Australia with Dogs on Instagram to see all the pups out there exploring this beautiful country!

dog enjoying a view of the flinders ranges

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